RetiLife™, the first sustainable alternative to synthetic retinol

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Givaudan unveils RetiLife™, a pioneering 100% natural-origin retinol crafted through biotech

Givaudan has announced the introduction of RetiLife,™ a molecule for anti-aging and a breakthrough evolution for the cosmetics industry. This new active ingredient is the first 100% naturally sourced retinol and a sustainable solution to chemically synthesized retinol.

RetiLife™ is the result of advanced biotechnology development by Givaudan experts. Using micro-organisms, pure retinol is produced in a natural carrier during a fermentation process from plant sugars and combined with natural antioxidants to ensure its protection, even at a very high concentration. RetiLife™ is the first of its kind to offer a sustainable alternative to synthetic retinol with similar anti-wrinkle efficacy.

With 100% natural-origin content, including sunflower oil as a carrier, the composition of RetiLife™ avoids synthetic ingredients such as BHT/BHA or polysorbate. Its molecule is identical to its chemical counterpart.

Maurizio Volpi, president of Givaudan Fragrance & Beauty, commented: “Throughout the years, Active Beauty has broken cosmetic boundaries by launching active ingredients that outperform competitors. With the launch of RetiLife,™ a unique hero cosmetic biotech innovation, we focus on creating consumer-preferred products that leverage our capabilities in line with our purpose.”

Romain Reynaud, R&D director of Givaudan Active Beauty, commented: “Retinol is widely used in skin care applications for its well-known efficient anti-wrinkles properties. After years of research and development, we are thrilled to offer the most innovative and sustainable retinol on the cosmetic market and therefore open the door to new cosmetic applications. RetiLife™ is a game-changer in the beauty industry that responds to consumer demand for cleaner beauty products.”

To learn more about this new ingredient, connect to uxbeauty.givaudan.com, the Givaudan Active Beauty digital platform dedicated to cosmetic ingredients.


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