Skinhairgium® Bio: A natural high-performing active ingredient for skin & hair wellness


Skinhairgium® Bio (INCI: Lepidium Meyenii Root Extract, Maltodextrin) is an innovative active ingredient from Laboratoires Expanscience rich in peptides and sugars gaining increased recognition within the cosmetic industry. This ingredient stands out for its remarkable ability to address hair and skin concerns. Derived from the precious maca roots, Skinhairgium® Bio is a growth activator and fortifying active for hair and skin, obtained from an enzyme hydrolysis of maca powder, a process that preserves people and the environment.

Skinhairgium® Bio: Sourced from Maca Roots, the Peruvian Ginseng

Maca, originating in the rocky Andes mountains of South America, is a botanical treasure steeped in traditional use. Cultivated for centuries by indigenous communities, particularly in Peru, the Maca plant has long been recognized for its potential to support overall health (hormonal balance, vitality and energy, skin health, etc. Beyond nourishment, the roots hold cultural significance.

Often called Peruvian ginseng, maca roots have earned this nickname due to their impressive adaptogenic properties and historic role in traditional Peruvian medicine. Just as ginseng is revered in traditional Chinese medicine for its ability to boost vitality, maca receives comparable esteem in the Andean region. It is known to have an impact on skin health, providing soothing, moisturizing and radiance-enhancing effects.

Skinhairgium® Bio: Proven Efficacy On Skin Complexion

Skinhairgium® Bio offers a range of benefits for the skin. It has shown excellent in vitro results in promoting fibroblast proliferation by specifically targeting skin cells affected by the effects of aging. This effect has been confirmed through clinical trials, which demonstrated its impact on reducing wrinkles and improving skin radiance and luminosity.

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Skinhairgium® Bio: Proven Efficacy in Hair Wellness

Skinhairgium® extends its benefits to hair care as well, offering fortifying, revitalizing and growth effects. By preventing and delaying hair loss through its targeted action on essential markers, Skinhairgium® Bio ensures the activation and elongation of the anagen phase, the active growth phase when hair follicles generate new strands, a crucial aspect of healthy hair growth. Its revitalizing effect is due to its ability to protect the hair fiber from oxidative stress and inflammatory effects, while its strengthening effect is conferred by its action on adhesion proteins, improving follicle anchorage for better hair resilience.

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Skinhairgium® Bio: Ethical Beauty Through Sustainable Sourcing

Behind the efficacy of Skinhairgium® Bio lies a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, supported by the fact that the Laboratories Expanscience is a member of the UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade). The sourcing of maca locally in Peru is guided by a responsible supply chain managed by Laboratoires Expanscience, ensuring transparency and traceability. Every step echoes an environmentally conscious approach, from prioritizing endemic species to respecting traditional farming practices. The Fair for Life label, awarded to Laboratories Expanscience’s maca supply chain, further validates its commitment to responsible actions.

Skinhairgium® Bio: Key Takeaways on this Sustainable and Effective Cosmetic Ingredient

Skinhairgium® Bio is a natural active ingredient, 100% organic, Fair for life certified and extracted from a sacred Peruvian root, the maca. It has demonstrated dual effectiveness on both hair (growth, slowing hair loss, strengthening and revitalizing) and skin (anti-wrinkle, radiance and complexion brightness).


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