How to reconnect with consumers with proof-based beauty

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As consumers of beauty products become more knowledgeable, brands must respond appropriately, upgrading their level of science to provide trustworthy claims. Discover how Gattefossé’s active ingredients can help.

Social media has significantly increased access to information, allowing people to easily develop an opinion about everything.

We see a lack of trust in institutions and beauty brands and more credibility given to peers. According to a U.S. survey in 2022 by Styleseat, Google is the most popular place to receive skin care information from 50% of responders, followed by family advice and social media. Industry professionals are no longer recognized as trusted providers.

A new type of hyper-savvy consumer is emerging in the beauty industry, challenging beauty purchases. Cosmetic players must respond accordingly, leveraging science to better meet this new mindset.

Proof-based Beauty on the Rise

Dermocosmetics are becoming increasingly popular. According to the NPD group, they account for 34% of U.S. skin care sales, while natural brands stagnate.

This segment is not new but was previously limited to pharmaceutical or dermatology-related brands. Nowadays, its definition has expanded to include any brand putting science at its forefront.

In its latest trend analysis, the market research agency Mintel recognizes science-based beauty as a key consumer trend for 2023.

After years of rising clean beauty trends, why this movement, a priori opposite?

Beyond the Trend, There are Solid ReasonsGattefosse Ct2304 Image1

Millennials and even more of gen Z enter the anti-aging market at a younger age than their predecessors. Enriched with knowledge built on social media, these "skintellectuals" raised themselves as ingredient and cosmetic science experts.

COVID-19 also contributed to the movement. With doctors taking the stage during this time, our reliance on science increased with the hope of finding a solution to the pandemic.

And importantly, in times of uncertainty and cost of living crises, consumers need rationality in their purchases. Rationality is brought by the evidence that claims are fairly set up thanks to scientific data.

Is it the End of Clean Beauty?

The concept of clean beauty was born several years ago following health concerns affecting the cosmetics industry and the subsequent trust crisis. Clean beauty is no longer a small niche but refers to a new era in cosmetics. Using more natural, safe, green, and fewer chemical products reflects a new societal paradigm. Sustainability, safety and transparency are core pillars for today's lifestyle and beauty players.

But nature and science are not two antagonists. To perfectly adapt to the recent changes, cosmetic brands must jump on the "clean to cleanical" bandwagon. They must reassure consumers that their formulas are natural, safe, and effective in solving skin concerns.

Evidence-based Active Ingredients by Gattefossé

At Gattefossé, cosmetic actives are more than "just ingredients." Instead, they are the backbone for cosmetic claims. With efficacious and inspiring plant-extracted ingredients, unique marketing concepts backed by trusted data help differentiate from the competition.

Extracting the best of nature to deliver scientifically proven skincare benefits is one of the primary missions of Gattefossé's research team.

The company resources are accommodated to the mission:

  • A sourcing and plant chemistry experts team develops extraction processes at the forefront of innovation to unlock new potential from plants.
  • Clinical research is systematically run in collaboration with renowned and independent contract research organizations to validate claims behind the ingredients.
  • An internal cutaneous biology laboratory is a high-value facility used to better understand the mechanism of action behind active ingredients. The lab integrates the entire chain of in vitro testing, from the cell culture and development of models to the proof of efficacy.

>> Gattefossé invites you behind the scenes! Gattefosse Ct2304 Image2

The company recently developed a tool to discover its skin biology laboratory and invites you to dive at 360° into the fascinating universe of cell culture!

Access the visit here

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