Gravityl™, the 100% natural ingredient improving jawline

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Givaudan Active Beauty defies the effects of gravity on aging skin with the launch of Gravityl,™ a 100% natural ingredient with a powerful lifting benefit and proven efficacy on face contour. Crafted by marine biotechnology from a red macro alga, this new active ingredient is the ideal ally to fight visible signs of aging by reducing skin sagging and double chin volume.

With the skin aging process, loss of firmness and elasticity is inevitable. When the skin gets older gravity significantly contributes to many signs of aging, especially on the lower part of the face. According to our CMI study, 54%1  of female and male consumers globally develop sagging skin, double chin or loss of face contour. Most of them also consider their jawline structure important but have never had nor would have surgery to deal with it. To respond to this relevant cosmetic need, the Active Beauty team looked for the best solution to relaunch the production of key structural constituents of the skin while fighting against the effects of gravity, thereby exploring an exciting and promising way to reinvent well-aging!

Mathias Fleury, Head of Category – Actives for Active Beauty, commented: “Thanks to an exclusive multi-step and eco-friendly process, we have crafted an enriched extract of Gigartina stellata, able to relaunch key processes linked to the extracellular matrix and elastic fibre protection, and reorganizing fibres in the dermis. Its specific mode of action and spectacular performance make Gravityl™ the ideal ally to fight against visible signs of aging, skin sagging and double-chin, bringing back suppleness to the face, with a demonstrated 30-year rejuvenation of the skin’s biomechanical properties.”

Two clinical tests versus placebo, on a total of 84 volunteers2  established that Gravityl™ is able to relaunch the production of collagen fibres in mature skin and increase collagen content by 3.4 times3  while improving firmness and elasticity by up to seven times4  versus placebo. This new active ingredient also offers a significant lifting effect as it drastically reduces double chin volume in just one month (by more than 27 mm3), visibly reshaping and reinforcing the structure of facial skin.

Would you like to give it a try? We have specially formulated an inspiring concept featuring Gravityl,™ S3D® Jawline Reshaper. This 4-in-1 firming cream is empowered by two additional potent cosmetic ingredients known for their well-aging efficacy, Agefinity™ and Acerola LG to boost skin elasticity, regenerate cells, reorganize collagen and provide antioxidant benefits.

To learn more about Gravityl™ we invite you to watch our video:

We also invite you to visit us at our booth (L50) during in-cosmetics global taking place in Barcelona (Spain) from 28-30 March, 2023 and during NYSCC taking place in NYC (U.S.A.) from 2-3 May, 2023.

1 Givaudan Active Beauty CMI study, Gravityl™ – December 2022 – 10 countries – 4100 consumers

2 Women from 35 to 75 years old

3 Gravityl™ at 1% at D28 vs. placebo

4 Gravityl™ at 1% at D28 vs. placebo


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