The Depigmenting Potential of Sulfur-containing Peptides

Silab Ct2212 Lead

SILAB presents LIGHTSKIN,® a natural depigmenting active ingredient rich in sulfur-containing peptides known for their transversal capacity to limit melanogenesis. The production of these molecules has been stimulated via a unique biotechnological process for bioguiding the yeast Ogataea siamensis.

This richness in bioguided sulfur-containing peptides enabled the global depigmenting action of LIGHTSKIN® to be doubled on Caucasian and Asian subjects’ melanocytes, significantly limiting tyrosinase activity and melanin production. This efficacy was also demonstrated in pro-pigmenting contexts of pollution (receptor related to pollution (AhR) inactivated) and glycation (expression of the receptor for AGEs inhibited).

After 56 days of treatment, pigment defects are thus attenuated, complexion is lighter and more uniform and radiance is revived in Caucasian and Asian skin.

With its targeted performance, LIGHTSKIN® is a patented solution (INCI: Yeast Extract) recommended in all depigmenting care products.


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