Ceramides by Evonik: New possibilities for your formulations

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Simply finding the right one!

All of Evonik’s cosmetic ingredients are designed with a wide variety of needs and applications in mind. Whether for skin care or hair care, the advanced products make it easy to develop beauty formulas with profound and truly impressive effects. So, let’s take a look at the ceramide portfolio and focus on three products that have one thing in common: convincing and truly impressive efficacy.

Excellent skin care: SK-INFLUX® V MB

Evonik's product highlights include the skin-identical lipid concentrate SK-INFLUX® V MB. This concentrated formulation of various ceramides, cholesterol, free fatty acids, and phytosphingosine moisturizes and protects the skin. This makes SK-INFLUX® the ideal active ingredient for care products against dry, sensitive and aging skin.

Multifunctional olive-based ceramide: HAIRFLUX®

When it comes to highly effective hair care, HAIRFLUX® is at the top of the list of active ingredients. This bio-inspired hair- and scalp-care ingredient combines the power of olives and the well-known strength of ceramides. The outcome: mild and well-tolerated efficacy, as well as excellent performance on various hair types.

Bioactive efficacy for skin aging: SPHINOX® Lift

SPHINOX® Lift, a unique short-chain ceramide with anti-aging and skin-firming properties, was developed inspired by the diversity of ceramides and sphingolipids. As a result of the special way it functions, SPHINOX® Lift stimulates the exchange between the cells throughout the skin, achieving multilayered activity and improving the density of the different skin layers. It counteracts the visible signs of aging by lifting, firming and sculpting facial contours while reducing wrinkles around the eyes.

Evonik – your partner for ceramide technologies

Evonik's system solutions can be easily incorporated into a wide range of formulations. As a ceramide partner, Evonik's experts use their knowledge and experience to find the best solution for your formulation.

Let us take your beauty products to new heights! Take a look at our website: https://personal-care.evonik.com/en/products-solutions/ceramides


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