Skin regeneration through cellular interconnectivity

Silab Ct2203 Lead

SILAB presents REGENIXIR®, a regenerating anti-aging active ingredient of biotechnological origin. To cope with aggression, several biological systems (cutaneous, immune, vascular) cooperate to revitalize the cellular interactions indispensable for cutaneous regeneration. Even though this dynamic process exists for the entire lifetime, SILAB demonstrated through original in vitro modeling studies that it is altered with age.

By stimulating the skin’s capacity to synthesize its growth elixir, REGENIXIR® reactivates the interconnectivity of the cutaneous, vascular and immune systems. It thus enables the rapid and overall regeneration of mature skin.

Tested in Caucasian and Asian volunteers, the active ingredient improves the quality of the skin as of 21 days: wrinkles and under-eye circles are reduced, vascularization defects are attenuated and the complexion radiance is revived.

With its global action, REGENIXIR® is a patented solution (Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract), recommended in all regenerating anti-aging care products.


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