Simple Pleasures

If you’re reading this, I have good news: we’ve made it to December. By now, the holiday season is in full swing and I have hopefully completed most of my shopping—contributing to this magical time of year that children, adults and especially retailers anticipate with hope and wonder.

With the general malaise felt throughout this tough economy, any improvement to the bottom line would be a welcome gift. That said, however, I also believe that too heavy an emphasis on material things directly contributed to the financial crisis—but enough of this, who else is sick of hearing about a down economy?

To move forward with a positive outlook, we must learn to better appreciate life’s simple pleasures and count our blessings; i.e., family, friends and health, a good book, fine wine, etc. After all, what completes that holiday feeling more than . . . (insert your holiday vision here; following is mine. . .) being surrounded by loved ones, the warmth and scent of a crackling fireplace, and the aroma of mulled spices in hot apple cider?

In the spirit of appreciating life’s simple pleasures, such as sensory experiences, this issue of C&T magazine first looks to Boonme et al.’s article, which examines sago starch as a natural source from which to create perfumed and cooling body powders. In addition, Kulkarni et al. focus on improving the feel and benefits of vegetable oils with vegetable oil-based esters in their article.

And if nothing else, as the old adage goes, at least you’ve got your health (hopefully), so in the interest of maintaining or improving this disposition, Macinga and Arbogast describe hand sanitizer actives’ benefits and limitations in their article.

I hope this issue of C&T magazine not only finds you in good health and brings you cheer, but also stokes your creative fire. While it’s not quite that cup of hot apple cider, this issue warrants pouring yourself one with which to sit back, relax and simply enjoy a good read.

Once again, thank you, dear readers, for following C&T magazine through another year of creative thought in cosmetics R&D. We wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and good fortune in the New Year.

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