7th ICIS European Surfactants Conference

Sep 19th, 2018
Sep 20th, 2018
Phone:+44 (0) 20 8652 2182
Due to popular demand and great success at the World Surfactants Conference, this Innovation Seminar has been brought to Europe. The conference aims to explore global threats and opportunities for this mature market. For example, demand for surfactants in Europe has been slowing, and the majority of growth is focused in emerging regions such as Southeast Asia and Africa. Europe’s competition from China and India remains high. Worries such as Brexit and expensive or unreliable feedstocks means companies across the value chain are diversifying and looking for alternative ways to cut costs and improve margins through efficient processes and innovation. Alignment on labeling, definitions and terminology is a growing necessity for the industry. With the added effects of regulation, oil and shale prices, the circular economy and global uncertainty, there is much to be discussed.
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