Sensory Spectrum: Preference Mapping & Consumer Segmentation

Jun 6th, 2016
Jun 8th, 2016
Ever wonder what product sensory features drive consumer acceptance and perception of benefits within your product category? OR if all of your consumers could be satisfied by one single product OR if consumer groups exist with different needs and wants? OR how much your product can vary from its ideal profile without affecting your consumers' perception? Ever wish you had the statistical tools and know-how to answer those questions? Then this is the course for you. This "HOW TO" workshop shows how to develop perceptual maps, identify consumer segments and identify the ideal product profile for each segment. Statistical & visual techniques used to analyze, interpret and present sensory preference maps are discussed. Real-life examples of sensory projects aid in understanding the analyses. Presented is a step by step approach to preference mapping & consumer segmentation with realistic examples and hands-on workshops. During this course, we will go through Objective setting, overview of the process and test design and execution considerations Developing Perceptual Maps from Descriptive Analysis Data Consumer Segmentation (Does everyone want the same thing?) Uncovering the Sweet Spot / Target and Opportunity Correlations, External Preference Mapping, Internal Preference Mapping, Partial Least Square Regression Reverse Engineering the Sensory Profile of the Target Products For each section, the objectives, concepts and benefits of the statistical techniques presented (Factor analysis, Cluster analysis, correlations and regression methods) are followed by discussion/practice using statistical software. Output examples are reviewed along with strategies for presenting, interpreting results and extracting tactical insights.
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