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Quantifying Skin Relaxation and Well-Being

Skin relaxation and well-being can be measured by quantitative methods, and modulated by a Tyr-Arg neuropeptide used in topical cosmetic preparations.

How Sensory Evaluation Can Provide Development Direction: An Approach

The authors explain how linking product sensory attribute documentation, through descriptive analysis panels, with consumer exploration through one-onone interviews, provides clear direction to product development. In addition it permits the product development team to track progress of the prototypes.

Skin Friction Coefficient Values

Friction is an important characteristic of skin because it allows us to execute many of our daily activities. In addition, friction studies offer insight into how skin and the skin surface change across age, gender, race, anatomical site, and chemical applications. This can provide better information about expected skin variations in the population and why certain topical applications are effective.

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