Photoaging and Photodocumentation

May 6, 2003 | Contact Author | By: A. Pagnoni, Hill Top Research Inc.
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Title: Photoaging and Photodocumentation
photoagingx photodocumentationx videomicroscopyx testingx
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Keywords: photoaging | photodocumentation | videomicroscopy | testing

Abstract: Techniques to photograph or image skin photodamage have reached new levels of sophistication. This survey discusses clinical grading, light imaging techniques, video-microscopy and three-dimensional in vivo measuring systems.

An image conveys an immediate and powerful message, both to the "untrained" consumer and to the expert grader. A comparison of two images, such as before and after treatment, creates an even stronger statement. Therefore, significant attention has been given to the standardization of imaging and photographic tools in order to use images as part of scientific evaluation methods in acne and photoaging.