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Intelligence in Cosmetics Packaging

Intelligence has crept into cosmetics with the innovation of intelligent packaging.

Pre and Post Surgery Cosmetic Treatment

Skin care line Previous, which is set to launch in October, is designed to delay the need for plastic surgery.

A New Source of Collagen

Collagen injections may be a thing of the past. Japanese sweetmaker, Eiwa Confectionery has introduced collagen marshmallows to the UK.

Nature's Answer to Free Radicals

Nature's Answer introduces a dietary supplement formulated to promote beauty from within.

Arthritis, UV-Damage Treatment in One?

New research indicates that glucosamine could help stop the formation of new age spots and help to fade existing ones.

Functional Food Hits a Highpoint

According to the Natural Marketing Institute's Health & Wellness Trends Database consumers are seeking health claims in food and nutritional supplements now more than ever.

Nutraceutical Potential for Water-extracted Grape Seed

The Grape Seed Extract Co. of New Zealand reportedly has tapped the nutraceutical potential of a waste product of wine manufacturers.

Dietary/Nutritional Supplements: The New Ally to Topical Cosmetic Formulations?

The authors demonstrate that combining the efficacy of a topical cream with a dietary/nutritional supplement improved the skin’s appearance. In the trial conducted, parameters associated with aged skin appearance were improved.

Coating, Polymers, Interfacial Innovations

The technology transfer trend is enhancing the automotive industry.

Grapefruit Shown to Promote Weight Loss

A recent study has confirmed the multiple health benefits of grapefruit, including its ability to aid in weight loss.

More Studies Necessary for Laser Treatments of Acne

In a recent question/answer feature, one consumer raised the question of whether laser treatments are appropriate for the treatment of acne.

Polymer Films and Crosslinking Agents for License

The polymer film patent portfolio featured includes aromatic polymers and crosslinking agents useful with the aromatic polymers.

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