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Amino Acid Produced Through Fermentation

Kyowa Hakko has announced its creation of a fermentation-based method for the commercial production of L-Tyrosine.

Chanel Incorporates New Process

Chanel will be introducing a recent scientific process in its fall launch of Sublimage Essential Regenerating Cream.

Formulating Insight

Understanding the relationship between observations, insights and ideas can fuel successful product development.

Microfluidic Application in the UK

Syrris has formed a subsidiary to host the first microfluidic application centre in the world.

Comparatively Speaking: Provisional vs. Regular Patent Applications

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick asks: What's the difference between a provisional patent and a regular patent application? Louis Paul of Louis Paul and Associates provides this issue's answer.

Identifying Cosmetic Forms And Crystalline Phases From Ternary Systems

Diagrams of the oil, surfactant and water at stepped proportions in ternary systems characterize the system’s cosmetic forms (emulsions, gels, dispersions), crystalline phases and stability in this study using two Brazilian oils.

New Emulsion Technology Makes Formulation Easy

This article describes the use of a novel process technology to prepare high internal phase (HIP) emulsions, which can provide solutions to a number of formulating issues.

Formulating Scrubs

Nonaqueous-based scrubs provide more functions and benefi ts for complete treatment of the body’s skin and are a new category of cleansing tools focusing on cleansing, conditioning and treating. Oils, glycols and silicone oil are three continuous phases in non-aqueous scrubs discussed in this article.

Brain Teaser: Ingredient Functions

Ken Klein challenges readers to find the ingredient functions in this word puzzle.

For License: Process for the Epoxidation of Olefinic Compounds,presents a processing technology for the production of an epoxide and/or its corresponding vicinal diol by a reaction of an olefinic compound with hydrogen peroxide...

From the Top--Technical Issues in the Cosmetic Business

MOT (Management of Technology) has emerged as an attractive means to capitalize on R&D investments. In developing cosmetics, a number of issues emerge during the technology planning and development processes, which will be discussed here.

Deposition from Conditioning Shampoo: Optimizing Coacervate Formation

New techniques are being offered to produce formulations faster and more cost effectively than ever before. Researchers at the Institute for Formulation Science have addressed this challenge by developing robotic combinatorial techniques for the preparation and investigation of complex mixtures.

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