Powder Batching, Weighing from IM

January 20, 2006 | Contact Author | By: Rachel Chapman
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Title: Powder Batching, Weighing from IM
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Ingredient Masters (IM), a manufacturer of equipment and systems for companies that use/process dry, flaked or powdered ingredients, has introduced customizable batching and weighing systems. The company’s batching systems are modular and are tailored to the customer’s production requirements. They are specifically engineered to adapt readily to future expansions and automation. According to the company, system components include: material silos, high-efficiency unloaders and integrated dust collection. Dispensers are USDA approved polyethylene for broadest application and best performance. Dispensers have a patented design feature which eliminates “bridging” – a phenomena which works against the efficient flow of powdered material. For more information, visit: www.ingredientmasters.com.