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Heralding the Future, Appreciating the Past

In this month’s issue, we honor Maison “Ed” G. deNavarre. Not only did this legend inspire the creation of the IFSCC and pull together an encyclopedia of knowledge that still resonates, he drove emulsion technology to new heights.

Particle-Stabilized Emulsions: A Brief Overview

The fundamentals of particle-stabilized emulsions are outlined here, and comparison are made to surfactantstabilized emulsions. Recent advances in Pickering emulsions for cosmetics are described in this survey article.

Formulating Cosmetic Emulsions: A Beginner’s Guide

Emulsions that act as a delivery system for beneficial ingredients such as aloe, vitamins, plant extracts, etc., must also be safe, stable and cost-effective. This article discusses the ingredients that go into emulsions and why they are used.

A Global View on Specialty Chemicals: The Supplier Perspective

Industry suppliers can remain competitive in a saturated market by offering formulators technical support, by taking root in burgeoning sectors and by honing in on cultural needs. This article describes the scope of the cosmetics market and the demands suppliers are challenged to meet by industry formulators.

Liquid Crystals and Emulsions: A Wonderful Marriage

The science of emulsion formulation has, in recent years, taken great leaps forward as we have begun to increase our understanding of the mechanisms, on the micro level, that are responsible for producing stable emulsions.

Spontaneous Formation of Liposomes from Lamellar Liquid Crystals

The authors describe a new technology to formulate liposomes by diluting a lamellar liquid crystalline phase with water, producing lipsomes in a single step.

Tin, Zinc and Selenium: Metals in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

This is the sixth article in a series discussing the 17 metal compounds listed in teh CTFA International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and the CIR Compendium. The present article discusses tin, zinc and selenium.

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