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Technically Speaking--Acid-type Hair Color

Ajinomoto Co. Inc. discloses an inflammation inhibitor containing the zinc salt of acylamino acid intended to provide a good texture in use on skin.

Understanding Silicone

Understanding silicones requires understanding the three operations used to make them: construction, functionalization and derivatization. These operations are explained and illustrated, respectively, with dimethicone, PEG-8 dimethicone and dimethicone copolyol silicone esters. In addition, structure-function relationships are explained.

What's Wrong With This Formula?

The following w/o lotion, created by Ken Klein, has numerous errors. Can you find them?

What's Wrong with this Formula?

Industry expert Ken Klein tests your formulating skills with this brain-teaser.

Technically Speaking--A Cinnamate Sunscreen and Other Topics

Sakai et al. discuss the design of an emulsion film for highly moisturizing and occlusive functions.

New Technologies Encyclopedia

A collection of the latest ingredients and mixtures launched in the industry is presented in this issue. Visit our home page to download the complete PDF!

What's Wrong With This Pearlescent Shampo Formula?

Ken Klein tests your formulating knowledge.

EXCLUSIVE! Comparatively Speaking: Matter Claims vs. Mind Claims
by Tony O’Lenick

Tony O’Lenick poses the question: What’s the difference between a matter and a mind claim? Industry expert Johann Wiechers explains...

Compass--Cosmetics & Toiletries Today

The Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine team members’ commitment to our readers is evident in multiple ways: our unique content, our brilliant authors and the recent birth of C&T digital. Our pledge continues, evidenced by our latest launch—C&T Today. This biweekly newsletter, free to subscribers, provides breaking news from both the R&D personal care world, as well as other areas that fringe our industry such as food and pharmaceutical. C&T Today offers insights from around the world reported in our News and In the Mix sections. We also bring exclusive columns from industry experts including, “What’s Wrong with this Formula?” and “Comparatively Speaking.”

For License: Process for Preparing Aromatic Amines

An invention for license relates to a process for preparing aromatic amines.

Comparatively Speaking:
Ether vs. Ester

By Tony O'Lenick
In today’s competitive world, the cosmetic chemist must be a person of skill in cosmetic science. Beyond this, the formulator also must possess a great deal of artistic ability...

Technically Speaking: Skin Cleansing

Adachi et al. discuss a new role of beta-endorphin in skin. Beta-endorphin and its opiate receptor are found in keratinocytes. The function of this morphine-like peptide is reducing pain and controlling stress. It also produces a pleasant feeling.

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