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Comparatively Speaking: Protein vs. Peptide vs. Oligopeptide

Industry expert Tony O’Lenick asks: What is the difference between protein, a peptide and an oligopeptide? The answer is taken from an article written by Antonio Zamora.

Clear Packaging for Cosmetics

Eastman Chemical Company, known globally to supply PET resins for packaging, introduces Vitiva PET for clear packaging of cosmetic and personal care products

Exclusive! Comedic Chemistry by Ken Klein

Industry expert Ken Klein brings a little humor to the bench with a few chemistry jokes.

Exclusive! Comparatively Speaking: Cream vs. Lotion

Industry expert Tony O’Lenick asks: What’s the difference between a cream and a lotion? The answer this week is provided by the Wikipedia.

Technically Speaking--Resveratrol

Polyphenols are among the botanicals reported to possess substantial anticarcinogenic and antimutagenic activities because of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Ajinomoto Omnichem and Estée Lauder disclose topical compositions containing phosphorylated polyphenols1 in combination with a topically acceptable carrier.

Effect of Oil Type on Stability of W/O/W Emulsions

The behavior of the w/o/w emulsion system and the stability of the oil membrane depend on the type of oil used to make the emulsion. Conductimetric analysis of the release of entrapped marker magnesium sulfate showed that the highest release of the marker occurred in emulsions based on oils from the triglyceride group. Emulsions based on hydrocarbon oils showed the best stability.

Rationalizing and Producing Nanoemulsions for Personal Care

This review describes the principles of nanoemulsion formation and stability. Advantages of nanoemulsions for personal care and challenges with the lack of progress in nanoemulsions are discussed.

Crossword Puzzle Brain Teaser

Industry expert Ken Klein tests your formulating knowledge with this fun crossword puzzle teaser.

Exclusive! Comedic Chemistry by Ken Klein

Industry expert Ken Klein brings a little humor to the bench with a few chemistry jokes.

Inhibiting Melanin Formation

Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd. discloses melanin-formation inhibitors useful for skin-lightening topical compositions.9 The inhibitors contain phospholipids and glycolytic pathway products with the exception of lactic acid and ethyl alcohol. An example of such a cosmetic lotion is shown in Formula 3, which showed significant melanin formation inhibitory effect on human skin after UVB irradiation.

What's Wrong with this Formula?

This water resistant SPF 45 lotion has been created by Ken Klein and contains more than 10 errors. how many can you find?

What's Wrong With This Formula?

This SPF 45 lotion by Ken Klein has numerous errors. Can you find them?

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