What's Wrong With This Formula?

May 7, 2006 | Contact Author | By: Ken Klein
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Title: What's Wrong With This Formula?
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This SPF 45 lotion by Ken Klein has numerous errors. Can you find them?

Very Water Resistant SPF 45 Lotion

Water (aqua), qs to 100%
Methylparaben, 0.6
Propylene glycol, 6.0
PVP, 2.0
Carbomer, 0.75
Tocopherol acetate, 0.2
Octyl methoxycinnamate, 7.5

Oxybenzone, 6.0
Stearic acid, 3.0
Paraffinum liquidum (mineral) oil, 10.0
Zinc oxide, 5.0
Avobenzone, 3.5

Triethanolamine 99%, 3.0

DMDM hydantoin, 0.2

Fragrance (parfum), 0.25


There are at least ten errors in this formula. Click here to download answers.