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Patent Pick: Thermal Anti-aging Takes the Heat Off of Skin

Chanel inventors aim to take the heat off of skin in a new patent application for a cosmetic powder that exhibits low thermal conductivity to protect skin against thermally induced aging—whether too hot or too cold.

Engaging Tanning Pathway Sans UV Damage

New work from Massachusetts General Hospital and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute paints skin tanning in a new light—sans light, that is, not to mention sans UV damage.

[podcast] Pollen: A 'Particulate' Concern for Skin

Tom Mammone, Ph.D., of The Estée Lauder Companies and Clinique Labs, has taken a "particulately" closer look at one major pollutant: pollen. In this podcast, he describes its negative effects in skin and offers approaches to mitigate them. Listen now!

The New Bionic Reality: Imprinted Wearables

New dimensions in 3D printing are now possible thanks to a novel process developed at the University of Minnesota. Not only could this give surgical robots the sense of touch, it could embed the human skin with biometric monitoring capabilities.

Patent Pick: Natural Oils Exude Transdermal Delivery Potential

It takes some clever formulating to outsmart the skin barrier into allowing allied actives to enter the body. Could an optimized blend of natural oils be convincing enough? Read on to find out.

'Tunable' UV Absorption and Color

A new study published in Science could have product developers humming a new tune. In it, changes to a tyrosine-containing tripeptide acting as a melanin precursor were found capable of tuning melanin properties.

Patent Pick: Magnolia's Budding with Skin Care Benefits

Mary Kay inventors picked a natural winner for making skin as smooth and beautiful as fresh flower blossoms. Magnolia extract was identified for its ability to influence blood flow in skin, as this patent explains.

Methylene Blue—The Antioxidant Answer to Aging?

The antioxidant methylene blue may be the answer to slow down aging, according to new research from the University of Maryland. Scientists are already formulating products for consumer use with the chemical.

Preserving the Facts on Parabens: An Overview of These Important Tools of the Trade

Parabens have a long history as effective preservatives in foods, cosmetics and drugs, with extensively documented human and environmental safety profiles. This article reviews these important ingredients.

Study Targets Eczema Susceptibility at Its Source

New research points the finger at the protein filaggrin as the root cause of eczema susceptibility, with the possibility of drugs to treat the condition's causes on the horizon.

Eczema Unrelated to Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D levels and eczema may not be as related as previous research has shown, according to a new study in PLOS Medicine.

Ingredients Leave Hair Irresistible & Skin Revived

Givaudan has launched a couple new ingredients. One ingredient helps enhance hair in a variety of ways, while the other ingredient benefits skin in a holistic way.

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