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REACH: Taking Steps to Register Preregistered Substances

To ensure sufficient time to organize data-sharing and prepare registration dossiers, potential registrants are recommended to perform the necessary follow-up steps as soon as possible.

EU Advises: Avoid Supply Disruption by Submitting Non-EINECS Substances

The European Commission has addressed chemicals that do not have established EINECS numbers--an issue that is known to affect non-EU cosmetics firms in particular. In related news, the ECHA announced an opening for chair of its risk assessment committee.

End of REACH Preregistration: The First Deadline is Here

The industry has met the end of the REACH preregistration phase. However, it will not stop meeting new challenges as it attempts to comply with the demands posed by future phases.

Regulatory Review: The Impact of REACH on the United States

While this column will not focus on REACH legislation, it does report on several critical areas related to REACH that were discussed at REACH in the Pre-registration Window and Beyond.

REACH Update: Substances of Very High Concern

Within REACH it is considered essential to regulate Substances of Very High Concern, as the effects on humans and the environment can be serious and often irreversible.

REACH Update: Pre-registration

In a Sept. 19 news alert, the ECHA noted that some pre-registrations may not be valid, primarily because phase-in obligations were not fulfilled, or the Only Representative status did not comply with provisions of the REACH regulation.

REACH SIN List of Chemicals Released, Cosmetics Included

The International Chemical Secretariat (ChemSec) has released its REACH "Substitute It Now" (SIN) list including cosmetic chemicals that several NGO groups urge companies replace.

REACH Update: Pre-registration—A Case Report

The REACH substance inventory was created using a spreadsheet, and its consistent and precise transfer quickly made it an important management tool for REACH compliance processes.

REACH Update: New Facts from ECHA and Other Parties

This column will update earlier issues with information that has been published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) or other parties involved in the REACH procedures.

REACH Update: REACH-IT Status and ECHA Activities

The "REACH-IT" portal was up and running on June 1, 2008, and almost 5,000 data files for pre-registration were submitted during the first week; however, problems were encountered.

REACH Update: Two Weeks Until Pre-registration

June 1, 2008, marks the day when the European Chemicals Agency will start managing all activities for the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances in Europe.

ECHA to Check REACH Dossiers for Completeness

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has announced it will conduct a completeness check of registration dossiers under REACH within three weeks of their submission.

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