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NaTrue Offers Raw Material Certification to Aid Formulators

As of March 2010, raw material suppliers can certify their products under the NaTrue label in the same way as finished product manufacturers.

Clariant Launches its EcoTain Label for Eco-friendly Products

Clariant has launched its EcoTain label to support the cosmetic and personal care industry’s commitment to choosing more natural, eco-friendly products and formulation concepts.

Organic and Natural: Caveat Emptor

Previous columns have discussed Canadian Natural Health Products regulations but have steered clear of the natural and organic debate, although this author previously published an article that debates animal versus vegetable ingredients, in which he explains that a chemical is a chemical regardless of its origin; a molecule of glycerin is just that, whether from natural sources like animal or vegetable fat, or from petroleum or biodiesel sources.

Two Certifiers Aim to Harmonize NaTrue and NSF Organic Standards

The two are developing a draft guiding manufacturers on how to demonstrate compliance with both standards.

Europe Harmonizes Organic Cosmetic Regulation with the COSMOS Standard

Europe has harmonized organic personal care standards with the launch of the European Cosmetics Standards Working Group's Cosmetics Organic Standard.

Formulator's Tool: GSR System to Calculate Renewable Content

Tony O'Lenick and Laura Anderson describe the Green Star Rating (GSR) system, a unique rating system developed to calculate the renewable content of a product.

Na True Takes Steps to Define Natural and Organic Personal Care

Recently, Na True published a definition for natural and organic cosmetics as well as criteria for a three-tiered label system that is expected to become valid throughout Europe.

Consumers Becoming More Discerning on Companies' Greening Claims

An increase in customer relations and sincerity during the implementation in the green trend, which continues to grow, is necessary to further development consumer trust, says the Natural Marketing Institute.

Are 'Organic' Claims Harming the Industry?

This "Letter to the Editor" explores marketing's role in confusing the consumer. "Most substances on Earth are 'natural,''' states the writer. "Some marketers use these words incorrectly and I am concerned this is harming our industry."

Bio-factory Production on the Horizon

Australian researchers are closer to turning crops into bio factories capable of producing oils to replace petrochemicals such as fatty acids.

Changes Predicted for Natural Cosmetics Market

Organic Monitor predicts 2008 to be defining year in the adoption of natural and organic standards in the cosmetics industry.

IOS Natural, Organic Certification Now Available for US Cosmetics

Cosmetics producers in North America now can certify their natural and organic products by standards similar to Europe's.

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