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Regulatory Review: Canada's Personal Care Natural Health Product Regulations

The only things that are “natural,” are earth, wind and fire. Marketers know that, with the exception of animal skin, natural sells, be it food, cosmetics or clothing. But what happens if a government declares a product to be a “natural health product?"

Environmental Groups Raise Concern Surrounding 1,4-Dioxane

A number of activist groups have recently reported that some personal care products were found to contain harmful levels of 1,4-Dioxane

Colipa Reassures Consumers in Safety of Hair Dyes

In response to the European Commission's March 29, 2007, statement concerning hair dyes and allergies, Colipa has issued a statement of its own.

CTFA Hosts California Day

The CTFA has offered its members a chance to have their voice heard by California lawmakers.

New York Proposes Expiration Dates on Sunscreens

New York state may require that sunscreen labels include expiration dates.

CTFA Requests Comments on Preservation Methods

The CTFA has requested public comment on two new microbiology guidelines by March 30, 2007.

Tea Tree Industry Requests Retraction

Recent reports alleging that lavender and tea tree oil may cause breast growth in young boys has little substance, according to ATTIA.

Naturals Alliance Formed in Brussels

A naturals alliance was recently formed in Brussels in preparation for the new REACH regulation.

CTFA Technical Guidelines Available Soon

CTFA technical committees and staff have been working to develop a new set of industry guidelines that reflect the current thinking in producing safe and high quality cosmetic and personal care products.

France Bans Vitamin KI

France has prohibited the use of vitamin KI (INCI: Phytonadione) from all cosmetic products.

Dermatologists Raise Concern for Hydroquinone Banning

Dermatologists have raised their voice against the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) proposed rule banning over-the-counter availability of hydroquinone.

Regulation for Organic Personal Care

A task force headed by the National Standards Foundation is expected to launch standards for organic personal care products by Summer 2007.

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