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Regulatory Review: California and Dubai

While California and Dubai may seem like an odd pair, new regulations in Dubai surfaced when California released more information on compliance with the California Safe Cosmetics Program, providing the perfect opportunity to discuss them together in one column.

Voluntary Registration of Cosmetics and 2007 Frequency of Preservative Use

This report details recent trends in preservative use based on VCRP data submitted to the FDA by manufacturers. The author encourages companies to participate in this program to build credibility for self-regulation and to protect their own business interests.

California Governor Signs Green Chemistry Bills

State regulators given broad authority to evaluate and ban potentially harmful industrial chemicals; state department charged with developing program to identify chemicals of concern and analyze alternatives by 2011.

Personal Care Products Council on Nanotech, Sustainability

The Personal Care Products Council has presented the results of its Nanotechnology and Cosmetic Products survey to the FDA, as well as announced the development of its sustainability survey.

REACH SIN List of Chemicals Released, Cosmetics Included

The International Chemical Secretariat (ChemSec) has released its REACH "Substitute It Now" (SIN) list including cosmetic chemicals that several NGO groups urge companies replace.

REACH Update: Pre-registration—A Case Report

The REACH substance inventory was created using a spreadsheet, and its consistent and precise transfer quickly made it an important management tool for REACH compliance processes.

EU to Invite Scientists as Risk Assessment Advisors

The European Commission announced plans to invite scientists to join its risk assessment and other scientific committees to provide scientific advice on consumer safety, public health and the environment.

CTPA Responds to Report on Cosmetics Blocking Androgens in Male Fetuses

The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) has responded to reports questioning the safety of perfumes and scented body lotion for unborn males.

Keeping Cosmeceuticals Cosmetic

Global demand for cosmeceuticals continues at an explosive rate and the discovery of antiaging medical interventions, coupled with new functional active ingredients, provides a fertile innovation ground for product developers. This paper discusses current scientific and regulatory affairs to take into consideration for the successful commercialization of cosmeceutical products.

Cambodia's Ministry of Health Targets Harmful Whitening Ingredients

The Ministry of Health in Cambodia has taken action against potentially harmful cosmetic ingredients, specifically whitening ingredients.

REACH Update: New Facts from ECHA and Other Parties

This column will update earlier issues with information that has been published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) or other parties involved in the REACH procedures.

EPA Researches Personal Care Products' Effect on Water

The US EPA is further examining the effects of personal care product ingredients on water.

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