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Bioscreen Adds Business Development Manager

Gary Croft has joined Bioscreen Testing Services as business development manager. He brings over 26 years of experience in pharmaceutical, OTC, device and personal care commercialization to his new position, as well as worldwide business development and leadership skills.

Chemsil Hires QC/Regulatory Director

Andrew Shearer will join Chemsil Silicones Inc. as director of quality control and regulatory affairs.

Maitra Brings Expertise in Color, Hair and Beyond to C&T's Advisory Board

Cosmetics & Toiletries is honored to add Prithwiraj Maitra, PhD, to its Scientific Advisory Board. Maitra is currently an R&D manager, Fellow, and the product development head of color cosmetics, hair care and cleansing at Johnson & Johnson.

Glenn Corp. Adds Personal Care and HI&I Manager

Gina Cosby has joined Glenn Corp. as market development manager for the Personal Care and HI&I markets, effective July 29 2013.

Taking Cosmetic Efficacy Testing to a New Level: Gerwin J. Puppels

The featured innovator series, a commemoration of Cosmetics & Toiletries’ 100th Anniversary honoring an innovator that has transformed the industry, draws to a close with the following December innovator.

Award-winning Cosmetic Chemist Rides the Wave to Success

Martin M. Rieger entered the cosmetic industry by accident. He is the only person to ever receive both the SCC Lifetime Service award and the Maison G. de Navarre Medal Award. His lifetime in the personal care industry is highlighted in this article.

Going Green: One Entrepreneur’s Affect on the Cosmetic Industry—Anita Roddick

“… the kind of shop I’m thinking of opening is one that sells natural cosmetics in different sizes and in cheap, refillable containers,” Anita Roddick told her husband Gordon in the mid-1970s. When The Body Shop’s first branch opened in March 1976 with 25 products, that is what she did...

A Publisher’s Mark on the Cosmetic Industry: Stanley E. Allured

Stanley E. Allured loved the cosmetic industry as much as he loved publishing. His involvement in the industry shows how true that is.

Albert M. Kligman, PhD—Teacher, Speaker, Researcher and Admirer of the Cosmetic Industry

“I am indebted to the cosmetic industry,” Kligman says. “I think academic people should have more interest in the cosmetic industry because [this industry] makes an enormous number of products that make life so much more agreeable for many people.”

Helena Rubinstein’s Legacy of Opportunity

“I’m happiest working in my ‘kitchen,” said Helena Rubinstein in 1958 when she was 87 and still active in her business. She set up her kitchen—i.e., a small laboratory—to make her first face cream.

William P. Ungerer

Today, approximately 300 perfumers comprise the American Society of Perfumers, perhaps 1,000 worldwide. Currently there are many significant players in the ingredient side of perfumery, but one of the 15 current major suppliers can say its business is still all in the family. The family-owned Ungerer & Company was one of the first perfumers in the United States and holds court today among as one of the most significant suppliers in the industry. By L. DiBerardino

Walker Pioneered in Ethnic Hair Care, Women in Cosmetics

The ability to break down barriers may be the single most defining trait in the make up of an innovator. In an era that suppressed women--particularly black women--and women-owned businesses were an anomaly, icon Madam C.J. Walker jump-started the ethnic hair industry and forged a beauty empire that lasted through the mid-1980s.

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