Shiseido Appoints CEO

July 3, 2008 | By: Katie Schaefer
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Title: Shiseido Appoints CEO
  • Article

Shoji Takahashi has been appointed CEO of Shiseido Americas Corp. Takahashi's appointment is the result of the company consolidating its American businesses earlier in the week. 

Shiseido International Corp.was renamed Shiseido Americas  to all encompass Shiseido Cosmetics, Nars Cosmetics and ZIC Corp. Takahashi is assuming the role of CEO from Shuichi Tanaka, CEO of Shiseido International Corp., who will retire at the end of July. 

The consolidation reportedly is in an effort to strengthen the company's presence in the United States. In addition, it plans to use the consolidation to make future investments. The US consolidation is part of a three year structural reform project that Shiseido is starting this year in order to become international.