Consumers Care About Packaging

Consumers Care About Packaging

September 12, 2006 | By: Katie Schaefer
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Title: Consumers Care About Packaging
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Packaging of a product does plays a vital role in a consumer's choice, according to Finnish paper and pulp company M-real. The company conducted a study where consumers in  both Finland and Sweden were asked what type of packaging they were drawn to. The two main aims, according to the company, were the impact of surface finishing and grammage (metric measure of paperweight) on consumer perception.

The researchers concluded that high gloss is the preferred finish for luxury product. They also found that hot-foil produced the same luxury look as metalized paperboard. The company also found a base point regarding grammage, below which positive perceptions of both package and product are reduced.

The study concluded that consumers prefer for a product's packaging to match the brand. Also, consumers reportedly prefer the paperboard to match the carton design in quality.

Overall, the study proved that research methods can be applied to packaging to help brand owners to improve their packaging and cut costs.

Katie Schaefer, C&T Magazine
- According to M-real Magazine