Artemia Extract: Toward More Extensive Sun Protection

May 6, 2003 | By: N. Demloge, E. Bauza, K. Cucumel, D. Peyronel and C. Dal Farra, Vincience Research Center
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Title: Artemia Extract: Toward More Extensive Sun Protection
artemia extractx sunscreenx UV protectionx DNA damagex apoptosisx heat shock proteinx inflammatory cytokinesx
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In recent years, people have become increasingly aware that UV exposure can cause skin damage, such as photoaging and carcinogenisis. Therefore, people are exhibiting a growing interest in protecting their skin from the harmful effects of UV raditation. It is well known that UVB induces a variety of cellular damage, including DNA photodamage with formulation of cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers, and consequent mutation. Moreover, there is increasing evidence that UVA contributes to skin carcinogenisis and premature aging.