BEMT: An Efficient Broad-Spectrum UV Filter

April 18, 2006 | By: Sebastien Mongiat, Bernd Herzog, Cyrille Deshayes, Peter König, and Uli Osterwalder
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Title: BEMT: An Efficient Broad-Spectrum UV Filter
sunscreenx bisethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazinex BEMTx broad-spectrum UV protectionx hydroxyphenyltriazine chemistryx persistent pigment darkeningx UVA assessmentx
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Efficient broadspectrum UV protection is provided by bisethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine (BEMT), an oil-soluble, photostable UV absorber that offers improved UVA protection and synergy with UVB filters.

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