An Olive Oil- and Wheat-Derived Lipoprotein Emulsifier

May 6, 2003 | Contact Author | By: M. D'Angelo, G. Proserpio, and G.B. Rastrelli, Keminova Italiana Srl
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Title: An Olive Oil- and Wheat-Derived Lipoprotein Emulsifier
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Keywords: surfactant | emulsifier | olive oil | lipoprotein

Abstract: Olive oil and hydrolyzed wheat protein can be combined to form a lipoprotein that functions as an emulsifier and a green surfactant.

The increasing use of products that contain no polyoxyethylene has led to the creation of new classes of basic materials that are of natural origin and free of ethylene oxide, but at the same time versatile and with pleasing cosmetic qualities. One of the classes receiving a lot of attantion is the lipoproteins.