Jeen Combines Organic Acids and Boosters for Alternative Preservation

Sep 23, 2013 | Contact Author | By: Katie Anderson
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Title: Jeen Combines Organic Acids and Boosters for Alternative Preservation
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Jeen International Corp. has combined organic acids and efficacy boosters in a glycerin base to offer formulators an alternative to traditional preservatives. Jeecide MCA-1 (INCI: Glycerin (and) Citric Acid (and) Lactic Acid (and) L-Ascorbic Acid (and) Didecyldimonium Chloride), a mild, yet effective liquid blend, is the first launch in the company’s Jeecide Microbial Control Alternative (MCA) Series.

The organic acids provide primary, broad-spectrum microbial control boosted by the efficacy enhancers. In addition, the chelating and antioxidant benefits of the organic acids provide a secondary antimicrobial effect to further increase the effectiveness of the overall microbial control system.

The blend imparts little odor or color to a wide range of leave-on and rinse-off personal care and cosmetic products for skin and hair applications. It is recommended at 1.5-3% in sunscreens, skin care creams and lotions, hair styling products and hair conditioners. The blend contains globally acceptable components.