Bold and Pearlescent Cosmetic Pigments

Bold and Pearlescent Cosmetic Pigments

May 6, 2008 | By: Katie Schaefer
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Title: Bold and Pearlescent Cosmetic Pigments
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Sun Chemical has introduced new bold and brilliant colors. SunPRIZMA is a new pigment product line that provides 10 new shades of intense color and pearlescent luster.

According to the company, the line achieves excellent opacity and intense color palettes without the need for additional blending with absorption pigments. While absorption pigments lose their color during perspiration or other similar alkaline conditions, these pigments maintain their bold color and shiny pearlescent luster.

The line is suitable for bold color or highlighting makeup. When applied to skin, the line provides a rich, pearlescent tone. Also, due to the iridescent nature of the pigments, makeup products can display a full palette of colors when viewed at different angles.

The pigments are available in: platinum silver, celadon gold, mandarin myst, concord crush, sapphire night, Aegean sea, stardust gold, malachite green, cherry marmalade and basalt silver. According to the company, the pigment line complies with global regulations.

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