Using Silicones to Formulate Bath Products for Tropical Climates

May 6, 2003 | Contact Author | By: He, C  ;Vagts, A
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Title: Using Silicones to Formulate Bath Products for Tropical Climates
formulating bath and body productsx Asiax bathx dimethiconex polydimethylsiloxanex sensory evaluationx shower gelx soapx sodium laureth sulfatex
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Keywords: formulating bath and body products | Asia | bath | dimethicone | polydimethylsiloxane | sensory evaluation | shower gel | soap | sodium laureth sulfate

Abstract: Several silicone materials can provide formulating solutions for bath and shower products designed for tropical areas in Southeast Asia.

As with many personal care products, regional preferences related to product type and sensory effect help shape trends in the global marketplace. The bath and shower segment in Asia is no exception, reflecting a longtime preference for soap bars, a growing interest in shower gels and tactile inclination toward products that leave a soft, moisturized feel with little reidue. At least in part, these aesthetic preferences can be linked to tropical climates in the Asian region.