Vegetable-based Emulsifier System

May 5, 2006 | By: Rachel Chapman
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Title: Vegetable-based Emulsifier System
  • Article

Degussa’s Goldschmidt Personal Care business launched its TEGO Care CE 40 (INCI Not Provided), a new vegetable-based cationic emulsifier system for the formulation of o/w creams and lotions. According to the company, the product is a blend of an emulsifier (palmitamidopropyltrimonium chloride) and a stabilizer (cetearyl alcohol), forming an easy-to use flake.

Like other cationics, it impacts the after-feel of emulsion preparations by providing a smooth, powdery skin feel. This unique sensory profile reportedly is beneficial to formulators using highly lipophilic content formulations to meet the market demands for intensive moisturization.