Nonwoven Nanofiber to Incorporate Additives

January 13, 2009 | By: Katie Schaefer
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Title: Nonwoven Nanofiber to Incorporate Additives
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SNS Nano Fiber Technology LLC has formed a partnership with Struktol Company of America and the University of Akron to produce a nanostructured nonwoven. Nanosan is a combination of Struktol's additives and the University of Akron's polymer expertise.

According to SNS Nano Fiber Technology, the nonwoven incorporates particles into the nanofiber matrix. Using proprietary technology, various types of particles or additives can be either entrapped in the nanofiber matrix or encapsulated within the nanofibers. By varying the type of polymer nanofiber, as well as the additive, different characteristics can be achieved.

The nonwoven is suitable for a range of applications including: personal care, filtration, medical, military, etc. In addition, the material reportedly can be produced in larger quantities at a substantially lower cost than conventional nanofibers.