Treating Dark Under-Eye Circles with Topical Vitamins A and K

May 6, 2003 | Contact Author | By: Dipak Ghosh, PhD, Alberto Culver USA Inc.; Melvin L Elson, MD, Longevity Institute LLC; and Sergio Nacht, PhD, Enhanced Derm Technologies Inc.
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Title: Treating Dark Under-Eye Circles with Topical Vitamins A and K
eye areax agingx hyperpigmentationx vitamin Ax vitamin Kx
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Keywords: eye area | aging | hyperpigmentation | vitamin A | vitamin K

Abstract: The authors report studies indicating that topical vitamins A and K may reduce the darkness of the under-eye region that often appears as people age.

Suborbital hyperpigmentation (dark cicles under the eyes) is a widespread cosmetic problem, ranking second only to wrinkles in surveys regarding patients' cosmetic concerns about the aging face. Until very recently, no treatment could improve this problem. The products on the market were either a type of high-coverage makeup or merely moisturizers with marketing claims. Until 1999, not a single study had been published on the treatment of this disorder. Certainly one of the reasons for this is the lack of understanding as to the etiology of the disorder.