Kaolin: A Performance Additive for Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

May 6, 2003 | Contact Author | By: Olga V. Dueva and Gabriel E. Uzunian, Engelhard Corp.
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Title: Kaolin: A Performance Additive for Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
kaolinx mineralx clayx pigmentx absorbencyx abrasivenessx
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Keywords: kaolin | mineral | clay | pigment | absorbency | abrasiveness

Abstract: This overview describes kaolin, a naturally occurring alumino-silicate mineral that has new applications based on its absorbency, gentle abrasiveness, rheology modification, pigment extension compressibility and barrier-forming properties.

Kaolin, a naturally occurring aluminosilicate material (CAS #1332-58-7), has a long, proven history of use for cosmetic, OTC and pharmaceutical applications. It is widely used in skin care, color cosmetic, and dermatological and pharmaceutical products. To help cosmetic formulators understand the value and versatility of kaolin, this article will discuss kaolin, its properties and various applications.