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Water-based Plant Extract Emulsion Technology

Analyses Recherches Innovation Instrumentale (AR2i) has introduced a water plant emulsion processing technology to enable the production of ultra fine fluid emulsions with extracts of plants.

Green Tea and Salicylic Acid to Naturally Fight Acne

Alberto-Culver brand St. Ives has combined salicylic acid and green tea to formulate two natural, anti-acne cleansing products. Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser and Green Tea Scrub are said to clear breakouts and reduce redness.

Natural Acne Treatment Pads with Antioxidants

Stridex, a Blistex Inc. brand, has launched a natural version of its acne treatment pads. Stridex Naturally Clear is said to offer its users a 98.8% natural, alcohol-free treatment for acne.

Naturals: Innovation Helps but Lack of Labeling May Hurt

The natural personal care market is more than a passing fad, according to Nancy Mills in her market report for Kline & Co. Despite the growth, she finds that many manufacturers are formulating with more nature-inspired products than truly natural products.

Comparatively Speaking: Biopolymers vs. Polymers

According to industry expert Tony O'Lenick, polymers are compounds made from monomers that are joined together in a chemical process. There are many different types, of which biopolymers have gained increasing interest.

Trend for Natural Ingredients Prompts 'Year of Biodiversity' Declaration

The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2010 as the "International Year of Biodiversity" to raise awareness for the importance of biodiversity, thus calling attention to natural ingredient sourcing practices.

Building Natural Products

Since the cosmetics and personal care industry is not regulated, various organizations have offered conflicting positions on standardized guidelines for natural and organic claims. To improve communication on this topic, it will therefore become important to dissociate claims regarding the naturalness of ingredients from the perception of safety.

Whole Grain Antiaging Active

P.L. Thomas has introduced a wheat-derived antiaging active to the North American market that provides skin and hair benefits via its lipid and ceramide content.

Vernix Caseosa: The Ultimate Natural Cosmetic?

The present review summarizes the current knowledge of vernix caseosa and discusses the underlying principles by which vernix caseosa operates; this can be applied in moisturizing and barrier-enhancing products, although the proteolipid biofilm itself cannot be used directly on the human body. The most important characteristic of vernix caseosa is its controlled degree of occlusivity—neither too much nor too little.

Lush Reformulates with Palm-free Soap Base

Lush Cosmetics has reformulated its soaps with a palm-free base in effort to eliminate palm oil from its products. By reformulating using a palm-free soap base, the company reports it will reduce the amount of palm oil it uses by 133,000 pounds/year.

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