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Natural Hair Care on the Rise

In the last few years, “organic,” “green” and “natural” have become international buzzwords, attached to everything from foods to clothes. Naturally, the personal care industry has followed suit. Though it is still difficult for hair care companies to obtain organic certification for their lines, many have unveiled natural alternatives.

A Boost for Hair Color Protection Formulas

Leave-on systems allow formulators to include functional ingredients like cationic film forming polymers that bind with negatively charged amino acids on the surface of hair.

Improving Hair Color Retention Using Quat Functional Olefin-graft Polymers

Formulations containing quaternary-modified olefin-graft polymers are shown here to improve the permanency of artificial hair colorant in human hair exposed to repeated washing. In addition, when these polymers were applied to hair by a sulfate-based shampoo, the foam height and viscosity of the shampoo remained unaffected.

Vogue International Debuts Superfruit Hair Line

Vogue International, the manufacturer of hair care brands Organix and Fx Special Effects, has introduced a superfruit-based hair care line.

MIT Scientists Develop Polyfluoroester Technology for Hair Care

Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have launched a hair care line that aims to fight frizzs with polyfluoroester technology.

Hair Loss Mechanisms and Treatment Materials: A Review

Generally, the primary goal of hair-growth products is not to cure a condition but to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Several hair growth ingredients currently available provide this effect by accelerating blood flow. This article excerpt* describes mechanisms of hair loss and materials to treat it.

African-american Hair

Scientific innovations in chemical treatments that alter the textrue of African-American hair, as well as a plethora of style trends, have spurred phenomenal growth in this segment of the hair-care market throughout the past three decades.

Hair Care Formulary

The 2008 Hair Care Formulary featured the latest personal care ingredients in creative formulas in the categories of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and stylers.

Salon Selectives Re-enters Market

Hair care brand Salon Selectives has been revamped and is set to re-launch on March 1, 2008.

Shine and Conditioning Shampoo

This pearlescent conditioning shampoo is recommended for healthy and glossy looking hair. It provides excellent hair detangling with a smooth feel and shine.

Hair Care Company Launches Hair Loss Pill

Kérastase, a L'Oréal-owned hair care company, has launched a daily supplement formulated to help those suffering from thinning hair and hair loss.

High Foaming Sulfate-free Shampoo

The following formula is for a shampoo that is free of sulfates and provides a high foaming capability.

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