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Comparatively Speaking: Pressed vs. Loose Powder

Color expert Nick Morante helps Tony O'Lenick in this edition of "Comparatively Speaking" by explaining the difference between pressed and loose powders, detailing both shared and differing ingredients.

Read the Label Online: Sephora's Instant Airbrush Foundation

Now one can achieve the “mistake-proof and gorgeous look” results of a makeup artist at home with Sephora Instant Airbrush Foundation. This column will review the ingredient listing of this product for claims substantiation and functionality.

Tailoring Surface Properties

Gelest will showcase its specialty silanes and silicones as reactive surface treatments to tailor the properties of surfaces during Suppliers' Day.

Volumizing Mascara With Nourishing Camellia Oil

Shiseido has launched a mascara that conditions the lashes with camellia oil.

Science Applied

Cosmetics have evolved and are now expected to do much more. In fact, some have been doing more since ancient times, as Li explains with a review of the history and application of Traditional Chinese Medicine in cosmetics.

Formula Troubleshooting—Stability, Uniformity in Foundations

Although any formulation type can pose obstacles for the cosmetic chemist, foundations are notorious for their degree of difficulty and intricacy of detail. As if it were not challenging enough to stabilize emulsions with superior aesthetics, foundations require emulsion stability while ensuring color properly develops and stays uniform throughout the product.

Formula Anatomy Deciphered—Color Foundations and Bases

The category of color cosmetics referred to as foundations, also known as bases, strives to achieve a complex mix of functional, sensorial and aesthetic effects. These all-over facial cosmetics aim to hide minor skin imperfections like wrinkles and blemishes; to even and modify the skin color of the face; and to alter the light reflection capability and luminosity of the face and neck—all while maintaining a natural-looking and velvety appearance.

Illuminating Skin Primer

L'Oréal has created a primer that also illuminates skin.

Oxygen Brightening Foundation

Benefit Cosmetics LLC has introduced a foundation formulated to brighten skin.

Clay for Full Coverage Foundation

Tarte has utilized Amazonian clay in another product, this time to provide coverage in a foundation for all skin types.

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