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Ethnic Beauty Brand Enters Color Cosmetics

Natural beauty brand Carol's Daughter is set to enter the color cosmetics market.

O/W Foundation

The following is a formulation for an O/W foundation by Color Techniques Inc.

Is Organic Really Better?

In recent reports, a British biochemist has stirred concern among daily makeup users by stating that almost five pounds of chemicals absorb into skin per year.

European Cosmetics Growing Strong

Colipa reports that the cosmetics industry continues to grow strong in Europe, with an annual turnover of over 65 billion Euros.

Lip Gloss Addresses Breath and Moisturization

Bourjois has launched three lines of lip products formulated to address common lip concerns.

Compass: Song and Dance

This issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries offers its own song and dance to readers with topics of varied interest. They are all hot areas in personal care for various reasons.

Water-resistant Emulsion Polymer for Eye Applications

National Starch Personal Care has introduced a film-forming polymer for color cosmetic applications.

Long Wear Lash

A formulation which highlights the water and smudge resistant capabilities of a polymer.

Makeup Surpasses Skin Care in Prestige Market

Prestige makeup sales have surpassed other categories in the United States.

Cosmetics Top Dog in Prestige Market

For the first time in ten years, makeup has taken over as the top prestige beauty category in the United States.

Halal Cosmetics Growing in the Middle East

Dubai is looking to capitalize on the growing halal cosmetic market, which has been recognized as a significant market with potential.

Catterton Buys Into Pout

Cosmetics brand Pout Ltd. has announced a recapitalization that will provide additional funds for growth.

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