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Read the Label: Nair Silky Sensations Hair Remover

It appears there has not been much innovation in depilatory technology, since this product follows the same basic formulation that has been used for years.

Shiseido Partners for Research on Hair Regenerative Technology

Through a framework agreement for a technical partnership, Shiseido is working on this development with Canadian bio-venture company RepliCel.

Anatomy of Foot Care Formulas

Many dermatological diseases such as athlete’s foot occur because the feet spend long spans of time in a warm, dark and humid environment. While there are several foot diseases related to diabetes, this column will focus on the development of foot care formulae designed for cosmetic treatments.

New Pathways

Welcome to the New Year—unmarked territory, a blank slate and a fresh start. Many have fought tooth and nail to get here but it seems the industry is turning the corner in a positive new direction.

Deciphering Temporary Hair Depilation Formulas

Although some permanent approaches to hair depilation can be effective, this column will focus on creating personal care formulations for the temporary depilation of hair.

Evonik, Beiersdorf Partner to Prevent Deodorant Fabric Staining

Researchers from Evonik and Beiersdorf teamed up to investigate the staining left on clothing by antiperspirants and develop a means to prevent it. Their investigation, which involved consumers from the beginning, resulted in the incorporation of new actives and a new delivery system into a new launch by Beiersdorf's Nivea line.

AACR Study Suggests Sunscreen Message Still Needs Work

Although, more people are using sunscreen now than in past years, the industry still has a ways to go, according to a study conducted by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). The study found that not only do only 17.2% of Americans use sunscreen on a regular basis, but only 32% of melanoma survivors wear sunscreen regularly.

Anatomy of Toothpaste Formulas

If consumers think that brushing their teeth with toothpaste is a simple hygiene procedure, they are mistaken. Mouth care is a complex strategy and modern cosmetics do much more than simply eliminate microbes.

Read the Label Online: Motions Straight Finish Heat Styled System

Unilever's Motions Straight Finish Heat Styled System claims to be an innovative, 3-step product line that, with the help of heat styling tools, allows women with natural hair textures to go from curly to straight and back again, without losing their curls.

Keratolytic Treatments for Acne: A Review

Taken together, a century of clinical trials and clinical use support the efficacy of keratolytics in acne. While many keratolytics are available by prescription only, OTC keratolytics offer treatment to acne sufferers without a dermatologist.

Damage Control

The typical overall summer experience for me—i.e., a little sunburn; lots of dry, damaged hair; and maybe a slushy—strongly coincides with several recent Cosmetics & Toiletries articles in that product developers have devised means of damage control for consumers like me.

Read the Label: Civant Skin Care’s Meladerm Advanced Pigment Reducing Complex

Beginning with an item that is correctly listed on this label, water is correctly identified as aqua; however, aqua should appear in parentheses, not water.

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