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Cargill 'Sensed' It: You Need a Natural Skin Care Polymer

Cargill "sensed" what formulators need with its new Lygomme VPC 50 and 30 nature-derived skin care polymers, which it will feature at in-cosmetics N.A.

Bee-lieve It: Epigenetic Anti-aging

Mibelle AG Biochemistry will highlight its new royalactin-based anti-aging active, RoyalEpigen P5, during in-cosmetics N.A. next week.

That's What 'Shea' Said

Sonneborn will "smooth things over" during in-cosmetics North America with the launch of its Shea XP emollient for skin care.

Polymer Naturally Sticks it to Stray Hairs (or Makes More)

Next week, Revolymer will feature its new RevCare NE 100S hair styling polymer during in-cosmetics North America. This naturally derived film-forming technology can replace petrochemically derived equivalents while matching or exceeding their performance.

Plant-Based Synthetic EGF for Anti-aging

Lipotrue will smoke the competition with its Epitensive anti-aging product, derived from a relative of the tobacco plant. The company will present its technology next week during in-cosmetics North America.

Alternative Preservative with Bonus Claims

Alternatives to conventional preservation are like cake; everyone wants it. This ingredient launch from Lincoln Manufacturing puts the icing on top, with added benefit components. Check them out at in-cos N.A.

Editor's Note: A Little Innovation Takes Us a Long Way

Innovation is the force behind new product development. The act or process of introducing new ideas, devices or methods, as Merriam-Webster defines it; and it requires a degree of intrepidity and creativity. Having metrics to go along with it doesn’t hurt, either, so you have an idea of what your market needs.

Keeping Things Simple is Significant in Bath & Body

Angela Eppler, Ph.D., senior R&D scientist for Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and C&T scientific advisor, offers her insights on what formulators need to know in the Bath and Body segment.


C&T Formulary: Naturals

Be sure to visit the Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference, our free, exclusive online directory of formulas and ingredients, for details on these formulas and more.

When Acne Attacks, Hexylresorcinol and Ethyl Linoleate Fight Back: Experimental (part II)

Although P. acnes is a commensal bacterium of normal skin, together with the sebaceous gland, it clearly is implicated in acne. Here, P. acnes and other possible causes are reviewed, and a hexylresorcinol and ethyl linoleate anti-acne treatment to target them is described.

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