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Vertical Lines, Vanquished

This product takes anti-aging one step further with an ingredient that reportedly helps to re-establish the connections between the cell nucleus and the extracellular matrix

Lubrizol Unveils Millennial-Targeted Formulations

Expect the Unexpected consists of seven formulations designed to address the cosmetic concerns of millennials, such as delaying wrinkles and shielding the skin from pollution.

Study Confirms Anti-Microbial Effects of Reverdia's Biosuccinium S

Biosuccinium S is a specialty grade of bio-succinic acid and is 100% natural with high water solubility.

Elevance Unveils Soft CG-200

Part of the Elevance Soft product like, CG-200 is a plant-based emollient made from certified non-GMO coconut oil and the company’s soy-based polymer.

INOLEX Presents Natural Alternatives to Restricted Silicones

Consumer interest in silicone-free products has grown, and effective silicone alternatives are in high demand. In response, INOLEX unveiled next-generation natural and sustainable replacement options.

Natural Sourcing Adds Organic Acai Berry Oil to Portfolio

Also known as the Assai Palm, the Acai Palm is native to Brazil and other Central and South American regions; properties include high moisture, natural emollience and quick absorption.

Ashland Re-Launches Chronogen YST

The cosmetic solution is designed to address the deleterious effects of social jetlag on skin.

Crucial Considerations for Natural Preservation

While there's some room for interpreting what natural means, at the end of the day, cosmetic formulators have a marketing brief to meet. They also have a safety standard to meet, in so far as preserving the integrity of the product.

Clariant Debuts BeautyFoward—Edition III at in-cosmetics Global

BeautyForward—Edition III is a personal care industry guide, featuring four trend discoveries and skin and hair care formulations inspired by them.

Chemyunion Debuts Male Multifunctional, Antimicrobial and More

The ingredients include Powderfeel WR, which facilitates the formulation of multiple textures in cold process; 4Man, a multifunctional solution for men’s skin care; Hebeatol CG, a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent; and Seriliss RA, which straightens and protects hair.

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