Morganti Acne-prone Skin footnotes

 a Zeroac Sole is an oil-free sunscreen product of Mavi Sud Srl, Aprilia, Italy.

b Zeroac Aquasphera is a product of Mavi Sud Srl.
c 3C System, Dermotech Italy Srl, Rome, Italy
d Triton X-100 is a registered trademark of Union Carbide and was purchased from Rohm & Haas Co.
e Teflon is a trademark of DuPont. 
f Tween 80, a trademark of Croda International Plc, previously Uniqema/ICI
g Chromameter CR-300, Minolta, Japan. Chromameter is a registered trademark.
h Multipost 601 Solar Simulator, Solar Light, USA
k Schott WG 335 (3 mm) and a Schott UG (1 mm) optical cut-off filters, Schott Glasewerke, Mainz, Germany
m GraphPad Prism Version 4 from GraphPad 
Software Inc., San Diego, Calif., USA. GraphPad Prism is a registered trademark.