Nicholas Polyalphaolefins footnotes

 a Performa V 103 polymer (designated here as HBP-1), Performa V 260 polymer (HBP-2), Performa V 343 polymer (HBP-3) and Performa V 825 polymer (HBP-4) (all INCI: Synthetic wax) are products of New Phase Technologies, a division of Baker Petrolite Corp., Sugar Land, TX USA.

b The D48-7 Glossmeter is a product of Hunter Associates Laboratory, Reston, VA USA.

c Leneta card, a product of the Leneta Company Inc., Mahwah, NJ USA

d Examples are DC556 (INCI: Phenyltrimethicone) from Dow Corning, Midland, Michigan USA, and Indopol H (INCI: Polyisobutene) from Ineos Olefins & Polymers USA, League City, Texas USA.

e The K19500 penetrometer is a product of Koehler Instrument Company Inc., Bohemia, NY USA