Footnotes [Gorcea 125(12)]

a Ceraphyl 230 (INCI: Diisopropyl Adipate);
b Ceraphyl SLK (INCI: Isodecyl Neopentanoate);
c Ceraphyl 494 (INCI: Isocetyl Stearate); and
d Ceraphyl 847 (INCI: Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate) are all products of ISP, Wayne, N.J. USA.

e Vitro-Skin is a substrate manufactured by IMS Inc., Portland, Maine, USA.

f Drop Shape Analyzer (DSA) 10 is a device manufactured by Krüss GmbH, Hamburg.

g The High-purity Silicone Rubber substrate used for this study is manufactured by McMaster-Carr, Elmhurst, Ill. USA.

h Brookfield RVDV-II + viscometer is a device manufactured by Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Middleboro, Mass. USA

j The BI-870 dielectric constant meter is manufactured by Brookhaven Instruments, Holtsville, N.Y. USA.

k The Abbe NAR 3T Refractometer is manufactured by Atago, Japan.