Footnotes [Manfredini 125(6)]

a Trolox is a registered trademark of Hoffman- LaRoche.

b Basil oil (INCI: Ocimum Basilicum Oil) was obtained by Sigma-Aldrich, Milan.

c Thyme oil (INCI: Thymus Vulgaris Oil) is a product of Extrasynthese, Genay, France.

d The Fisons 9130-9000 series gas chromatograph is a product of Rodano, Milano, Italy.

e The Fisons EL980 processor is a product of Rodano, Milano, Italy.

f The MEGA SE52 poly-5% diphenyl-95%- dimethyl-siloxane bonded phase column is a product of Mega, Legnano, Italy.

g The HPLC filter used for this study was obtained from Chemtek Analitica, Bologna, Italy.

h The ACL and ACW kits used for this study are products of AnalytikJena, Jena, Germany.