Footnotes [Tsinman 128(3)]

a All chemical compounds used for the described studies were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich.
b The silicone based anhydrous gel formulation was provided by Dow Corning Corp.
c Voltaren is a product of Novartis.
d Diclofenac-ratiopharm is a product of SkyePharma.
e Flector is a product of Pfizer.
f The Prisma HT buffer used is a product of Pion Inc.
g Spectroscopic grade DMSO was obtained from Burdick and Jackson.
h The PAMPA Evolution system was developed by Pion Inc.
j The 96-well Stirwell PAMPA sandwiches are manufactured by Pion Inc.
k The UV plates were from Greiner Bio-one(UV-star micro plate, clear, flat bottom, half area)
m The Gut‑Box stirring device is manufactured by Pion Inc.