Footnotes [Miksa 128(3)]

a The Femto LF PCCE control is manufactured by Diener electronic GmbH and Co., KG.
b The Drop Shape Analysis System DSA10 Mk2 is manufactured by KRÜSS GmbH.
c Milli-Q is a device from Merck Millipore.
d Diiodo-methane was obtained from Merck Schuchardt OHG.
e Helioplate HD6 PMMA plates are manufactured by Helioscreen Labs.
f The Labsphere UV-2000S transmittance analyzer is manufactured by Labsphere Inc.
g Ultraviolet Transmittance Analyzer Performance Validation Standards are distributed by Labsphere Inc.
h Helioplate HD0 PMMA plates are manufactured by HelioScreen Labs.